A shirt that saves a life!

We all have charity t-shirts hanging in our closet that we purchased to support one cause or another that we never wear. Our goal is to make high quality shirts and products you'd be proud to wear out with your friends time and time again. We want our apparel to spark conversation and promote Pit Bull advocacy among Pit Bull lovers everywhere.

These aren't your bottom dollar, generic, box fitting, rough textured, cheap charity t-shirts. All our shirts are Next Level Apparel products made of the highest quality fabrics and provide a great fit. Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable these shirts are sure to not spend much time on a hangar.

The best part about PitApparel.com is that it's not some "for-profit" company giving 10% of their sales to a some charity with some coupon code. We're not a company at all, we're a 501c3 non-profit named Guardian Pit Bull Rescue and 100% of the proceeds and profit from the sale of every item on this site goes to support the Pit Bulls in our rescue. 

We are Pit Bull owners, rescuers, advocates, and lovers ourselves and want to provide advocates a way to express their love for the breed proudly. So pick out something today for yourself or a Pit Bull loving friend and know that every purchase goes further than the 10%. To find out more about our rescue visit www.guardianpitbullrescue.com

Thanks for your support,

Aaron Ogden, Founder

Guardian Pit Bull Rescue & PitApparel.com

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